I've always love the hair, make-up, and pretty much everything in the beauty industry since I can remember ! I've always had tiny blonde lashes and once I noticed what a huge diffrence mascara and false lashes did to my features and how it boosted my confidence I emmditley was addicted!!!

        I first went off to school to do nail and once I was in school the gals in school with me would always comment on my lashes and told me about this new thing called lash extensions...once researching everything about them that night for hours I knew this was what I had been wanting to do for women my whole life!! I love my job and now have been doing lashes for 10 years!! I really am specialized in my trade. I have tried a few other beauty services along the way to add to my menu but always went back to strictly lashes since it was my true passion!! I offer mega volume lashes and russian volume lash extensions also know as (American volume or just volume lashes). I hope to meet you soon!!



Sincerely, Kaelyn